How we do it

10 key points are the foundation from which we work and in the solutions we deliver

Reduce the number of your international travels and the distance of them. For example, fly one time a year as a tourist and stay within your continent.

Our contribution to this, is to establish collaboration with local attractions that can give the tourist an improved incentive to use air travel only once a year – meaning that when tourists chooses your tours to an international destination, they will receive a discount on their next holiday at their local attractions. Furthermore, we advise travel bureaus on how to communicate this topic in their marketing material as well as digital solutions, that may motivate the tourist to experience more with less.

atOnly use tourist and accommodation services provided by members of the local community and companies.

An important part of making tourism into an actual contributor to global circular economy, is making sure that the money spend at the destination, actually goes to local residents and can create long term value in the community. MatKon Travel establishes collaborations only with local guides, drivers, hotels and guesthouses – always fully owned and managed by local residents.

Local accommodation means local foods.

Locally owned hotels and guesthouses will work with us to provide your guests with local food. Through our direct involvement with and investment in local farms and villages, MatKon Travel helps to maintain a steady supplychain. The goal for our accommodation partners is that they can rely on year-round local, organic foods, within 3 years. We also recognize the well researched fact that eating plantbased food is one of the biggest single contributions a person can make to a sustainable future. We will make sure that tourists are always given the choice of eating plantbased, at our partners’ accommodation.

Provide a tested and proved method of portable water cleaning, so you can refill your bottles and do not need to buy new bottles. Alternatively, collaborate with a local recycle partner or provide a clean-up service, meaning bringing the used plastic back with you to be recycled.

We collaborate with manufacturers and distributors of portable water cleaning systems. We also provide both a local recycling system and a take-back solution, where we collect all used bottles and take it back with us, so it can be recycled properly.

Avoid using animals as transport or entertainment.

In the future, ways to make animals a product without abusing them in the long term as demand grows, might exist. However, for now such a concept have not been established.

Reduce transport in the destination country.

In our survey, including 50 travel bureaus in 10 different countries, we found that the tourist is transported an average of 976 km. by car, in between arriving at the destination and departing from there. We find this unnecessary and a waste of both the tourists’ holiday and natural resources. In our solutions, all tours will include a max. of 400 km. of transport at the destination, fuelled by non-renewable sources.

Dedicate a part of earnings to support local non-profit organizations working for vulnerable parts of society.

Donating funds does not make a better world by itself, but it is an important part of this process, as long as the funds allocated is channeled to the right people in the right places. Better yet, with our help, the tourism industry can become part of our Reviving Villages project where tourist agencies can donate directly to villages that needs a helping hand to create a mini tourism infrastructure – in order to support themselves and your wish to become a tourism company giving the best and most responsible experiences to the tourist. The villages can after a short while become your local partners, with their newly established infrastructure (accommodation, voluntary work, sightseeing, hiking routes, food supply). In this way, the villages, increasingly being left behind in an urbanizing society focused on globalization vs. local supply, can support themselves, the states tourism reforms and showing said state, how to do this within the carrying capacity of the society and environment.

Focus more on travels with voluntary work, which concretely help the ones who need it.

Voluntary work to us means: Understand, develop and act with local communities. MatKon Travel is dedicated to find the right local initiatives that needs a long-term effort and cannot pay for it, with special focus on merging learning and preservation of nature with a constantly developing society. We and our local partners can help agencies make itineraries for travels that are fully or partly voluntary.

Be actively involved in and support the sustainable development of local businesses.

Besides investing directly in local businesses that works towards a sustainable future, MatKon Travel offer established bureaus to do the same, by finding businesses anywhere, that work towards that which this planet needs the most: purposeful ideas that transform the world of business into a force that works for the health of this planet, not against it.

Avoid using facilities which have no relevance to the local community or the nature around it. For example, a spa-center in the forest takes up space, is massively energy consuming and, almost entirely, not accessible or useful to the local population.

Tourism today, is for many people a short stay in a “bubble” located in a foreign society – we do not interact, understand and learn from the little time we have on our holidays. An important ingredient to add more of, if we want to see a future with a more tolerant and less destructive world society.