Why Georgia?

The small country of Georgia is opening now it’s big heart for the people from the whole world. This is the country with the pristine history and untouched and outstanding nature. 

Here are 7 good reasons to choose the country of Georgia (and there are many more!):

  1. Because you have never been there, and this”mistake” should be corrected as fast as possible;
  2. Because of the unique nature. Georgia is an old country with diverse historical and cultural landscapes, most of which are many hundreds years old. The country’s unique character is the result of its untouched nature, mixed cultural heritage and historical integrity. Flora and fauna in Georgia are rich and diverse – more than anywhere else in the temperate world. A part of it is still untouched by civilization, with quite a few rare species of animals and birds. 25% of the territory are protected areas. Mountain lakes and rivers, green forests and alpine meadows cover 40% and 10% of the territory respectively.
  3. Because of the unique climate. Due to the country’s relatively compact size it is possible to cross its territory in a car within just one day, while landscapes along the way will change from steppes and half-desserts to subtropical forests and glaciers up to 5.000 meters high. One can swim in the warm Black Sea while watching the snow peaks of the Caucasian mountains, located just about 100 km from the sea coast. In a relatively small area of 100 km the temperatures can vary between -10 in the mountains and 20+ at the coast;
  4. Because of the unique culture. Many provinces in Georgia are basically not affected by the rhythm of the modern civilization. Imagine, that you’re far away in the middle of the mountains, where there’s no big city bustle, traffic signs, skyscrapers or crowds of tourists, but medieval towers, thousand-year-old houses and churches where you at the same time can enjoy the comfort you deserve on your holiday…and of course the Georgian homemade food and wine. Capital city of Georgia – Tbilisi – is a place, where you immerse yourself into a mix of times, cultures, smell of spices and the legendary hospitality of the locals;
  5. Because of the old proverb in Georgia: Every guest is a gift of God;
  6. Because of the unique wine. Did you know, that the culture of winemaking originally comes from Georgia? Around 8.000 years ago the first vine, Vitis Vinifera, was found and spread from there through the territory of modern Turkey to Europe and further to other continents. Would you like to see the exact place, where the vine began its journey from, due to which today we are able to enjoy a glass of wine in many countries? We have prepared something special for you, if you would like to learn more about the history of wine in Georgia, its culture and production, as well as to taste one of world’s best wines;
  7. Because of the unique food. Georgia is a motherland to one of the oldest cuisines in the world, where the first and most important principle is “cooking with love”. The locals like to tell the story about God having lost some of his lunch in the Caucasus mountains. Georgian cuisine is very rich and tasteful. We mean it: when you have tasted the local food – things are put into perspective. A significant amount of vegetables and fruit that you eat in this country is organic – simply because that’s the easiest way to grow them in Georgia, due to the climate and rich Georgian soil. 

Would you like to know more about Georgia? On our webpage we have collected some facts about Georgia that can be useful to read, while you are getting ready for the upcoming tour.

Have a great time!

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