Georgian wine


Georgia is being called “the cradle of wine”. Archeologists have proved that the local process of winemaking counts about 8000 years of its history. And yes – they still produce some good wine in Georgia. Besides, 525 out of approx. 4000 sorts of vine are originally coming from this country.

They still produce some of their wines using a unique ancient technology (one of the oldest known), called Qvevri, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and – of course, without any additives, sulfites etc. Here’s a short video demonstrating how the Qvevri wine is being produced: 


A clear, fruitful homebrew, that reminds a lot of the Italian grappa. Chacha is normally being produced using the grape leftovers from the winemaking process, but sometimes there can also be used other fruit/berries like figs, mandarins, oranges, blackberries etc. It is usually bottled manually. Chacha can also be bought in Georgian supermarkets, yet tastes much better when homemade.