MatKon Travel Statement

Dear traveler,

 “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” Mark Twain.

It will not be long before we all look forward to our next travel, and rightly so. Here at MatKon Travel, we believe that humans can only gain a genuine insight into the world we all have some kind of inert curiosity about, by being there, seeing it, observing and being a part of it.

Travelling, for most of us, equals joy and relaxation. Apparently, it also creates jobs at the destination. Does it have a downside?

Let us break down some facts, that may make you wonder:

  • It’s only 5-8 percent of the world population that has ever been on an airplane.
    • Make no mistake, travelling abroad is for the elite of the global economy.
  • Most of the 30 most popular destinations in the world, have chronically high inequality, unemployment rates, crime rates, an increasingly failing water supply, corruption or/and a rapidly disappearing eco-system.
    • It’s not only about the quantity of jobs that a certain industry creates, like the travel industry, but equally important is the quality of the jobs, the impact of them and whether the owner is connected to an have interest in the well-being of the local population.
  • Recent studies find, that tourism is responsible for 8 percent of global CO2 emission.
    • All accounted for: transport through air, road, rail and the above-average-consumption of food and plastic.

..So. Should we all just stop travelling? Some of you might have heard exactly that advice from various sources. But the answer is, most definitely, no.

As mentioned by Mark Twain, travel is fatal to developing a set of values which benefits all.

From the economic, social and environmental point of view tourism can also be turned into a force for good, rather than something that creates severe challenges. Follow this channel, as MatKon Travel will share its work and hopefully inspire travelers, agencies and tour operators to focus on impact first, then profit.

MatKon Travel team